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Serving International Clients


International clients are often quite surprised by the intricacies of the German patent system. The core of our bifurcated system is that, in Germany, the prosecution of patents is separate from their litigation and is performed by two different groups of experts. The reason for this lies mainly in the fact that patents are granted through an administrative act, whereas infringement claims are civil law suits by nature.

Patent attorneys are not eligible to represent clients in a district court. However, they do have the required technical expertise to assist attorneys-at-law before the regional courts. In disputes before the regional courts in Germany we work in close cooperation with trial lawyers who have many years of experience litigating high-profile patent cases.

At Olbricht, we believe it is important for our clients to understand the German patent system right from the start. Therefore we remain in constant communication with our international clients to ensure that they are informed about the status of their prosecution or litigation.

All our patent attorneys speak English to a professional standard. We are also able to provide our services in French and Spanish.